What is Homeschool Gymnastics?

This is a great class for anyone who homeschools their children! This is a 1 hr class that meets every Monday from 3:30-4:30. This class will take the children through all aspects of gymnastics, strength and coordination as well as having fun. As time goes on you'll see your child gain more confidence and self-esteem as their bodies get stronger and they accomplish certain skills.

Studies have shown the importance of exercise and how it contributes to studying and learning. The flow of blood throughout an active body helps the brain to work better. Not only are they building strong minds but also strong and healthy bodies. At TGA we feel compelled to help each child to learn to exercise, eat right and be part of a new generation of healthy adults with less health problems as they get older.


Who can sign up for Homeschool Gymnastics?
The children begin at ages 4 to teens and are divided into groups depending on the activity. It is fun for all! 


**EVERY MONDAY 3:30-4:30**

Every Friday 



Only $15.00

Pizza included!




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